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Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is to promote an inclusive labour market with opportunities for disadvantaged persons, with a view to their sustainable integration into labour force and combat all forms of discrimination in the labour market.

The purposes of this project are as follows:

To increase awareness on the problems of disadvantaged groups and combatting discrimination against them which results in exclusion from the labour market.

To increase the institutional capacity of Department of Employment Policies of MoLSS, one of the main public institutions that develop policies and act in favour of disadvantaged persons, and social partners.

Results To Be Achieved

Result 1: Awareness concerning the integration of disadvantaged people to labour market increased.

1.1 The Project will develop a comprehensive “Awareness Raising and Communication Strategy”.
1.2 The Project will design, provide, print and distribute the visibility materials.
1.3 The Project will prepare visibility.
1.4 The Project will prepare and duplicate 3 different short films for the visual media to be broadcasted in national channels.
1.5 The Project will prepare and distribute 5 Netcast videos to be broadcasted on the MoLSS website, on the operation web site and social media account.
1.6 The Contractor will open and manage an account for the Beneficiary on the social media and actively use and do the follow-ups during the implementation of the contract. The Contractor will develop and update a new web site for the project.
1.7 The Contractor will prepare writings concerning the success stories of the grant applicants and successful implementation of the grant projects.
1.8 The Contractor will organize a photo contest to draw attention on the social situation of disadvantaged people. The photo exhibition will stay for 10 days in a place where is open to public.
1.9 The Project will organize one day a large scale awareness raising event in Ankara on employment and social inclusion of disadvantaged people with the participation of national and local actors including employers, employees, social partners, NGOs and relevant public institution.
1.10 The Project will organize two cultural activities with the participation of target groups of the grant component to draw attention on the existence of disadvantaged groups in society and to encourage them for the participation in social and economic life. The events will include exhibitions where hand made products; art objects etc. of the disadvantaged groups can be exhibited.
1.11 The Project will organize one day Closure Conference in Ankara.
1.12 The Project will design, prepare and publish a compendium for the grant component of the operation which will serve to disseminate the best practices of grant projects carried out nationwide.

Result 2: Institutional capacity of Department of Employment Policies and social partners increased for providing and implementing an inclusive public employment policy.

The activities concerning this component will focus on increasing the institutional capacity of Department of Employment Policies and social partners in order to better develop national policies for disadvantaged groups.

2.1 Surveys and analysis will contribute to policy making vision of the Operation Beneficiary, develop solutions for and provide information to relevant organizations.
2.1.1 The Project will create 3 “Social Inclusion” maps which will form the basis for future action plans of DEP concerning the employability of the disadvantaged groups of grant component. “Social Inclusion” map will target three disadvantaged groups specified under the grant component of the operation namely people with disabilities; ex-prisoners, ex-convicts, convicts and prisoners and working children and their parents.
2.1.2 The Contractor will create a mapping strategy on employability of the disadvantaged groups specified under Activity 2.1.1.
2.1.3 The Project will support to the Beneficiary to prepare a “Labour Force Tendency Survey” in order to analyse the situation of three disadvantaged groups and to develop a roadmap for the Beneficiary.

2.2 The Project will organize, prepare and deliver trainings to the civil society organisations operating actively in the field of social inclusion.

These trainings aim to strengthen the institutional capacity and to encourage them for the involvement to the policy making processes on social inclusion and employability of disadvantaged groups.

The modules that will be prepared for the trainings of NGOs are as follows:

  • Module-1 will be on Concept of Social Exclusion, EU Policies and Strategies and Best Practices with an emphasis of role of social actors subject.
  • Module-2 will be on Institutional Capacity Training (Project Preparation and Implementation, Networking, Cooperation etc.).
2.3 Two study visits each lasting 5 days will be organised to the EU Member States to examine best practices in the field of social inclusion, to observe the policy development processes and to analyse the policy implementation.
2.4 The Project will organize 3 forums (in Ankara, Şanlıurfa and Trabzon) will disseminate the result of Labour Force Tendency Survey and mapping activities conducted in Activity 2.1.1 and 2.1.3 and evaluation of the treat about the employability of disadvantaged groups to policy making institutions at international, national and regional levels.
2.5 The Project will create and develop a network among the grant beneficiaries of the grant component of the operation on social inclusion issues. It is aimed to be a platform on the web site for exchange of information and experience among grant beneficiaries as well as dissemination of best practices within the framework of grant component between grant beneficiaries and international networks.


DESİP Project, where Human Resources Development Operating Structure is the Contracting Authority and Ministry of Labour and Social Security is the Beneficiary, is being implemented by the consortium led by Niras IC Sp. Z.o.o

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