ISEDP Grant Scheme Selected Projects

ISEDP Grant Scheme

List of Selected Projects

Below are the projects selected for funding under the Grant Scheme of DESİP’s sister project ISEDP – Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons Project.

Project Name Contractor Field Of Application
Business Development And Vocational Training Centre For Women Municipality of Tuşba Van
Safety Future Edirne Roman Education Volunteers Association Edirne
Berivan’s Hope Kardelen Association of Vocational Training and Employment Centre Yüksekova Şemdinli
Flowers Tell Your Love, Bagels Tell Your Hunger Osmaniye Association of Business Women Osmaniye
Art for Life, Life for Women İzmir Kâtip Çelebi University İzmir
Welding Of Love Dörtyol Public Education Center Dörtyol / Hatay
Improving Social Integration And Employability Of Disadvantaged Persons Association of Social Change and Women Batman ve Mardin
Help Me To Put My Dreams into Reality Municipality of Arnavutköy Arnavutköy / İstanbul
Integration Of Disadvantaged Groups Into Economic And Social Life İstanbul Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen İstanbul
Employment And Entrepreneurship Purpose Of Specialized Vocational Training And Application Centre Commodity Exchanges of Elazığ Elazığ
Hard Nut To Crack Association of Sarayspor Club Edirne
Produce is paid and I live Continues Gül, Association of Saving Drug Addicted People and Youth Karatay / Konya
Golden Hands Glass Art International Association of The Spinal Cord Paralytics Ankara
Have A Profession, Then Join To Life The Spinal Cord Paralytics and Employment Association of Şanlıurfa Şanlıurfa
Disadvantaged Adults, Vocational Training Gaining Meram Vocational Training Centre Konya
Overcoming My Handicaps With My Profession. Bereket, Association of Youth Education and Public Service Hakkari
My Profession Has Got Inside Gaziantep Union Of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Gaziantep
Yeşilyurt Is Having A Profession Municipality of Yeşilyurt Malatya
Employment Participation Project For Bafra Romans Music Association of Bafra Bafra / Samsun
The Road to Hope Sincan Public Education Center and Evening Art School Ankara
The Undiscovered Jewels Of Black Diamond Region Is Entering Business Life Zonguldak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zonguldak
Just Hear My Voice, I Want To Work & Produce Association of Media and Communication Academy Ankara
Producing Barrier Not Recognize International Association for Handicapped Education and Culture Ankara
“Successful Women Atelier; Support To Life Project” Association of Women and Youth Platform Ankara
I Can Not Tell, You Should See Social Assistance Foundation of General Directorate of State Theatres and Ballet Employees Ankara
United in Diversity Küçükçekmece Public Education Centre İstanbul
Routine Breaking Project For Handicapped People Şehitkamil Association of Handicapped Sport Club Gaziantep
The Project Of Social Integration Of Disadvantageous People Through Vocational Training In Leather and Leather Products Sector    İstanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association İstanbul
Discharge From Bias Üsküdar Cumhuriyet Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Üsküdar, Maltepe / İstanbul
Young Generation Get To Work In Yolalan Bitlis Municipality of Yolalan Bitlis
Women in Soma are enlightening the future Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey Soma / Manisa
Unimpeded Life Through Vocational Education Municipality of Bünyan Kayseri, Brüksel
Gaining of Addicted Women Treating in Konya AMATEM to Community Konya,Platform of Education, Culture, Health and Environment Association Konya
Rehabilitation Centre Of Adana For Handicapped Person Metropolitan Municipality of Adana Karataş
Increasing Employability And Support Social Integration Of Unemployed And Single Parent Women In Mamak Mamak Food Bank, Association for Solidarity and Assistance Mamak / Ankara
With Sunny Days, The Youth Looking Hopefully To The Future Turkish Division of International Society of Solar Energy Ankara
Inclusion of Disadvantaged Group of Three Compliance and Professional Skills for improving the Labour Market and Employment Enhancement Project in Malatya Odds Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malatya
Developing Employment Abilities Of Disadvantageous People Health Tourism Association of Turkey Ankara
Overcome Obstacles By Speaking – Call Centre Project Confederation of Handicaps Elazığ, Batman, Adana, Kayseri, İzmir, İstanbul, Amasya
A New Life With Tourism Konya Skal Club Konya
The Project Of Training Skilled Graphic Designers And Providing Employment Ankara Union of Printers, Binders and Artisans Ankara
The Project Of Increasing Awareness Of Roman And Ensuring Social Inclusion Of Roman Union of Balkan Romans (BAROM) Edirne
Project To Facilitate Employment And Empower The Integration Of The Disadvantaged, Poor And Unemployed Citizens In Çiftlikköy Municipality of Çiftlikköy Çiftlikköy, Yalova / İstanbul
Increasing Women’s Employability With Accounting Trainings Municipality of Keçiören Keçiören / Ankara
My Cerebral Palsy Does Not Disable My Employment Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy (SERÇEV) Ankara, Almanya
Employment Of Disabled Individuals In Marble Processing Sector Osman Yıldırım Special Education and Vocational Training Centre Amasya
Sweet Life Industry and Business Association of Edirne Edirne
Roman Women’s Second Life Project Entire of Kocaeli, Roman Cultural Research and Association for Solidarity and Assistance Kocaeli
Roma Band Establishment Project by Enabling Local Facilities Road Municipality of Buca İzmir
Cafe Perfect Düzce Association of Social Activities Düzce
Employment in Bursa and Silk Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Bursa
Çaycuma Is Changing By Women Designers Çaycuma Chamber of Commerce and Industry Çaycuma / Zonguldak
Group Çeri Provincial Special Administration of Isparta Isparta
Give Me A Change Bafra İsmail Ahıskalı Vocational Training Centre Bafra
There Must Be A Job! İzmir Association for Solidarity and Assistance of Romans Konak, Buca, Karabağlar, Menemen, Karşıyaka, Bergama, Torbalı / İzmir
Flower Our Business İstanbul Association of Roman Florists İstanbul
Integration of Roma Citizens to Employment Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency Osmaniye ve Erzin/Hatay
Bridges Foam Hatay Association for Solidarity and Assistance of Dom Women Antakya / Hatay
Chemicals Sector’S Fight Against Poverty Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association İstanbul
Elimination Of Barriers To The Employment In Agriculture For Job Seeker Women In Gürsu. Municipality of Gürsu Gürsu / Bursa
Harlequin Edirne Rotary Club Edirne
The Barriers Are Leaving In Iskenderun İskenderun Chamber Of Commerce and Industry İskenderun
Our Life Is Romany Ondokuz Mayıs University Samsun
Let’s Overcome the Disabilities University of Kastamonu Kastamonu, Erzurum
Strugling With Poverty And Reducing Social Risk In Mersin Nar Struggle Against Poverty and Sustainable Development Association Mersin
Connect To Life With “Awareness” Yüksekova Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yüksekova / Hakkari
Future Of Black Diamond Bright Roman Citizens Acquire A Profession Provincial Special Administration of Zonguldak Zonguldak Merkez
There Are Opportunities In Laçin Laçin Public Education Centre Laçin / Çorum
Woman Fashion Atelier Women enterprise Avocation and Culture Association Samsun
Enhancing Employability and Social Integration of Women in Rural Elbistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kahramanmaraş
Together At Sea Konak Çınarlı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School İzmir, Norveç
Demand Oriented Program Preparation And Prepared By Vocational Training And Employment Program (Tayep) Suluova Vocational Training Centre Suluova / Amasya
A Woman A Life Keşan Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Keşan / Edirne
“My Hope Is My Protession;Wooden Is My Future” Provincial Special Administration of Kilis Kilis
Pink Opportunities for Romani People Hoş Sada Vakfı Osmaniye
Let’s go that district Konya Barbers and Coiffeurs Union Of Chamber Of Merchants And Craftsmen Konya
Employment Social Change Without Prejudice Municipality of Kütahya Akhisar / Kütahya
Whether gold bracelet Dörtyol Anatolian High School Dörtyol / Hatay
Rakkas (a type of music) Association of West Black Sea Romans Zonguldak
The Art Of Basket Weaving Alives With Women Aydın Federation of Roman Associations Aydın
We’Re Human Beings We Are All Together, We Poverty And Barriers Definition ( Ihye) Suluova Public Education Centre Suluova / Amasya
To More Beautiful Toorrows Altogether Sociological Research Centre Association Bolu
Window Open to Romans Municipality of Güneykent Gönen / Isparta
Romans People Serve Domestic and Foreign Tourists Municipality of Sapanca Sapanca
Mobile Business And Training Center For Roma Black Sea New Horizons Association Canik / Samsun
“The Power Of Women “”Toy Story””” University of Amasya Amasya Merkez
Lokomotive Going to The Light Hayrettin Özkan High School Hatay
Would Be A Novel If I Tell Akdeniz Federation of Roman Associations Mersin
Project For Supporting The Employment And Small Scale Entrepreneurship Of The Disadvantaged People In Textile Sector Municipality of Toroslar Mersin
The Frogs, The Prnces And Princesses Young Businessmen Association of Edirne Edirne
The Future Is In Education,Education Is In Konak Konak Foundation of Social and Cultural Activities (KONSEV) Konak
Hopes Are Sprouting From The Rural Project Provincial Special Administration of Tunceli Pertek / Tunceli
Iş’De Umut, Iş’De Güç Projesi Provincial Special Administration of Sivas Sivas
Sustainable Employment Center For Disadvantaged People Suluova Şehit Erkan Ayas Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Suluova / Amasya
Permanent Training Center For Roman Citizen European Side Roman Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association Zeytinburnu, Fatih / İstanbul
Before The Flowers Fade… Hakkari TOBB Vocational Training Centre Hakkari
Human Value, Future Value! Black Sea Region Research of Roman Culture, Education and Development Association Samsun
All My Problems Will Be When You Consider Me Person İzmir Association of Roman Rights Konak / İzmir
Employment Of Children In Poor Families Pvc Manufacturing Elazığ 100. Yıl Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Elazığ
The Project Of Young Designed Their Future Edirne Research of Roman Culture, Development and Solidarity Association Edirne
“Lost People’S Dome In Mesopotamia; Rehabilitation Support Project For The Socialization And Employment” Diyarbakır Doms ve Romans Cultur, Solidarity Folklore, Youth and Sport Club Diyarbakır
We Are Not Disadvantaged Now Bingöl Union of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Bingöl
Acquire a Proffession, Eliminate Burdens Konak Rotary Club Buca / İzmir
To Beautiful Future With Conscious And Healthy Youth Appreciated Country Dicle Development Agency Batman
Aydin Roma Women’S Participation To Employment By Making Madrel Bead Romans Social Embellishment and Solidarity Association Aydın
Women Produces Hüdavend Hatun Women, Children and Youth Association Niğde
Build Up Your Own Future At Construction Sector Suluova Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Suluova / Amasya
The Romans Meet The Dance Intercultural Communication and Solidarity Association İstanbul
Shift The Point Of View Suluova Fatih Vocational and Technical Training Centre Suluova / Amasya
Necessarily Be Roman in Employment Municipality of İlkadım Samsun
Social Integration Of Seasonal Agricultural Workers, Improvement Of Their Employability And Reinforcing Pupil Participation In School Life Young Life Foundation Düzce, Şanlıurfa, Ankara
Mamak Municipality Employment And Entrepreneurship Office Municipality of Mamak Mamak, Yenimahalle / Ankara
Developing Model Of Victims Of Violence Women ‘S Socio-Economic Support System Ostim Industry And Business Association Ankara
“Raising Awareness In Preschool Education And Providing Employment To The Leader Mothers With “”Producing Mothers Model”” Who Are In The Unseen Neighbourhood.” Selçuk University Konya
Agree to Live Municipality of Mustafakemalpaşa Bursa
Life Roman İstanbul Körpe Kalemler Culture and Art Association (İSKÖK) Üsküdar
Entrepreneur Women In Erzurum Yakutiye Municipality of Yakutiye Erzurum
Roman Employment and Vocational Counselling Network Romans Federation Kocaeli
Roman Fever Construction Workers Education, Culture, Social Assistance and Solidarity Association Kayseri
Awake Family, Awake Society Kocaeli Research of Roman Culture and Education Association Kocaeli,Türkiye
In TR83 Region Employment Is Increasing Project Capacity Is Increasing Central Black Sea Development Agency TR83 Bölgesi
Roma Citizens Becoming Conscious, Ceyhan Becoming Conscious Ceyhan Chamber Of Commerce Ceyhan / Adana
Increasing Employability And Social Integration Level Of Roman Citizens Living In Edirne Edirne Federation of the Roman Associations Edirne
Kayseri Employment Centre For Disadvantaged People Nuh Naci Yazgan University Kayseri
The Project Of Spineless Way Kırşehir Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Kırşehir
I’m Woman, Roman and Working Nazilli Modern Romans Solidarity and Culture Association Nazilli
Hennaed Hands Gave Life To Copper İpekyolu Development Agency Samsat / Adıyaman
Increasing Employment Of The Roma Who Lives In Dolapdere Zero Discrimination Association Dolapdere, Şişli, Beyoğlu / İstanbul
Laçin Women’s Training And Employment Centre Laçin Multi-Program Anatolian High School Laçin
Project For Employment Of Disadvantageous Persons In Textile And Ready-Made Clothing Sector Southeast Textile Industry And Business Association Diyarbakır
Disadvantaged Persons Are Precious Trabzon Chamber Of Commerce and Industry Trabzon
Training And Awareness Project For The Employability Of Disabled Women Van Association Of Hearing Impaired People and Families Van
Integration Of Disadvantaged Groups Into Society And Working Life Tekirdağ Union Of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Tekirdağ
Skill For Employment Stops At Nothing University of Ordu Ordu
That Is My Mushrooms And I Am Also In Cultivation. Municipality of Çardak Çardak / Denizli
Obstacles Go Away With Information Technologies Fatih Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Ankara
Our Disadvantages Shall Not Obstruct Us Bayburt History-Culture and Literature Association (BAYDER) Bayburt
Workforce In Textile Is Developing With Internally Displaced Persons Çaldıran Education, Culture and Solidarity Association Van
Let’s Overcome Disabilities And Compete In Employment Municipality of Orhaneli Orhaneli / Bursa
Everybody Deserves a Second Chance Aydın ASTİM Industrial Estate Aydın, İzmir, Hollanda
Unimpeded Training Centre For Employment Amasya Branch of Artisans Association of Turkey Amasya
A Working Woman, Happy Family University of Adıyaman Adıyaman
From A Dream To A Smile / First Step To A Happy Life Vocational Training and Advocating of Small Industry Foundation Diyarbakır
Women Empowerment- An Integrated Project To Reduce Social Marginality And Promote Income Generating Opportunities For Most Vulnerable Women Of Gecekondu Areas Formaper – Azienda Speciale Della Camera Di Commercio Industria Artigianto E Agricoltura Di Milano İzmir
Changing Lives With Chocolate Giresun Association for Supporting and Developing Of Social Services Giresun


DESİP Project, where Human Resources Development Operating Structure is the Contracting Authority and Ministry of Labour and Social Security is the Beneficiary, is being implemented by the consortium led by Niras IC Sp. Z.o.o

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